• Kid's bracelet

    Slim, light and fashionable. Can be worn around the wrist or ankle. Made of silicone. Safe and comfortable to wear. Does not cause irritation.

  • Guardian Core

    Placed the core in our bracelet or buckle. Made of polycarbonate used in baby bottles (does not contain BPA). Water repellent (IPX5)

  • Fitting

    Battery: CR2032*1
    M1.4 x 4 cross recessed screw*5
    M1.4 cross recessed screwdriver*1

  • iOS compatible

    Supports Apple products with iOS 7 and BLE 4.0 and above.

  • Battery

    Uses replaceable batteries, which last at least 4 months up to 1 year.

  • Water Repellent (IPX5)

    Water repellent(IPX5). Cleanable and can be worn while showering.

  • Map

    You can always see where your kid's exact location on our app map.

  • Safety alert

    You get a warning before your kid goes too far. You can set up a range from 0 - 230ft.

  • Family Guarding Circle

    You can set up as many family groups as you like, even invite your friends on Facebook. Your kid will thus have Guardians where ever they go.

  • Searching Network

    If your children go beyond the signal's reach, an emergency search will be activated automatically, notifying members of the global guardian network to help find your children.

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Wear it the way you want

We carefully choose the best and safest material for making Guardian. It is anti-irritation, water resistant and light in weight. Guardian is kid-friendly and e-co friendly!



    Need a notification when your kid is wandering off?

    Set a safety range; Guardian application will push notifications when your kids is about to walk out the safety zone you’ve decided.


    Trusted members can view your kid’s status.

    Give permission to trusted members to see who’s with your kid at any moment.


    We all need a Plan B!

    The more application users we gather, the more efficient our emergency search will be. Guardian’s global network will help spotting the signal from children with guardians.
    If you like our idea, please help us spread out the words with friends on your social network.

    Give One Love

    8,000,000 kids are missing every year. Join Guardian and let’s make the number less and less. For every 2 Guardian purchased, we will give 1 Guardian away for those who need it.

    Let’s enhance the safety of our children.

    Get one love!

    Join us and enhance children's safety!