• Puppy Pouch

    Thin, light, easy to wear. Designed to firmly hold Puppy Core around pet collars. Made of Nylon with PU coated for easy to clean and dry.

  • Puppy Core

    Placed the core in our bracelet or buckle. Made of polycarbonate used in baby bottles (does not contain BPA). Water repellent (IPX5)

  • Fitting

    Battery: CR2032*1
    M1.4 x 4 cross recessed screw*5
    M1.4 cross recessed screwdriver*1

  • iOS compatible

    Supports Apple products with iOS 7 and BLE 4.0 and above.

  • Battery

    Uses replaceable batteries, which last at least 4 months up to 1 year.

  • Water Repellent (IPX5)

    Showering, running in the rain and playing in mud are allowed. (Do not use it while swimming or diving.)

  • Map

    You can always see who is with your pet and their location. In case of missing, the map shows Puppy's latest location.

  • Notifications

    You will get a warning before your pet goes too far. The range covers max. 230ft (60m).

  • Puppy Neighborhood

    Invite as many people as you like. Let families, friends or even neighbors to keep an eye on your lovely pet anytime anywhere!

  • Searching Network

    When Puppy's signal is lost, Searching Network will automatically launch. Every active Puppy app user will anonymously participate the search.

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Preset A Safety Range

Adjust the range in Puppy app and instantly get notified on your Smartphone when your pet is about to go beyond!

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Safety Puppy Neighborhood

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join, and lessen the chance for your pets from missing or stolen!

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Puppy Searching Network

Puppy App users will anonymously help spotting your missing pets! Join us to build a strong Searching Network!
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Fold in the Blessing

This Japanese origami inspired Puppy Pouch bestows our wishes for your pet's safety. Its design simplicity allows it to cope with a multitude of activities such as water splashing and to be worn on any size of pet collars.

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